Jersey City, NJ 
New Jersey Transit (NJT) – 5 Section LRV


Rapidly increase passenger capacity in a developing urban area


Revamp existing vehicles by adding 2 additional sections and 50% more passenger seating

In 1999, KINKISHARYO began delivering 73 of North America’s first 70% low-floor LRVs to NJT, spurring the redevelopment of an urban area where vacant brownfields once straddled the former Jersey Central line. After becoming a prosperous urban area thanks to the light rail, ridership demands were greatly increasing.

KINKISHARYO’s response was upgrading 35 of the 3 Section LRVs to 5 Section LRVs with a 90% low-floor. By adding D and E sections to the existing 3 Section LRVs, rider capacity was increased by 50%. KINKISHARYO was awarded this contract in 2014 and delivery was on-time and on-schedule.

5-car promo_nopole2HB5 Above Shot