KINKISHARYO has been customizing solutions for urban transit agencies worldwide for as long as there has been urban transit.

After designing and manufacturing more than ten thousand railcars, we continue to build on the heritage of technological innovation and customer service that has made us unmatched in the rail industry. Beyond manufacturing, we pride ourselves on being the first light rail vehicle manufacturer to maintain its own fleet, making us the most experienced in this field than any other car builder in North America. In addition to performing daily maintenance on our Hudson-Bergen vehicles for NJ Transit, we now offer vehicle repairs, upgrades, modifications, and more out of our facility in Piscataway, NJ.

We know each transit system has needs beyond moving people safely and reliably and we tailor solutions to meet those needs. From manufacturing to maintenance, from Dallas to Dubai, KINKISHARYO is delivering a full range of customer-focused, customized products and services that set us apart.

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