Hudson Bergen Maintenance Division

KINKISHARYO has a rich history of maintaining vehicles that we have designed and manufactured ourselves. When we take on a new transit project, we always aim to assemble the light rail vehicles on-site, investing in the local economy and supporting regional growth.

Overview 2

By doing so, the same trained workers who built the vehicles can then apply their accumulated expertise to servicing the cars and maintaining fleet performance. We excel at vehicle maintenance because we thrive in vehicle manufacturing. For us, maintenance is an entire process, not just specific results. It’s an approach called “Kaizen.”

Approach 1

“Kaizen” roughly translates to “continuous improvement in every respect.” Our comprehensive approach to vehicle maintenance implements the Kaizen principle that no matter how well you’re doing, you can always do better. We focus on improving the entire process, not just achieving certain results. We ensure continual improvement by applying innovation and analyzing all aspects of performance through management, engineering and quality perspectives.

Approach 2

Our approach to Kaizen has earned accolades from Federal Transit Administration auditors and peer groups for performance far above transit industry standards.

Features & Benefits

  • Engineered Maintenance Enhancements
    Reduces repetitive labor costs and extends component service life
  • Failure Review Management
    Analyzes the effects of service failures for passenger impact, vehicle down-time, parts costs and fleet performance
  • Comprehensive Preventative Maintenance Programs: OEM Requirements vs. Actual In-Service Experience
    Maximizes fleet reliability & availability
  • On-Site Component Management
    In-house repair, overhaul, and functional testing
  • Progressively Expanding Planned Maintenance
    Reduces costs and vehicle down-time during major overhaul
  • Fully Integrated Maintenance Management Information System (MMIS)
    Customized reporting of performance benchmarks and indicators
  • Use of Bio-Degradable Cleaning Products
    Responsibly green


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